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Lending Solutions

Thank you for your interest in Madison County Federal Credit Union’s loan products. One of the primary goals of the credit union is to provide a source of low-cost credit for its members. We offer a variety of loans with low loan interest rates to accommodate your needs.

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Home Mortgage Loans

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, your next home, refinance your current mortgage or are looking for a second mortgage, Madison County Federal Credit Union is the solution you have been looking for!

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Why Madison County Federal Credit Union?

Audrey C.

Loan Officer at Edgewood Branch

"We are about people! We are about family! Your story matters to us! You are not just another number! This is why I’ve been a member with MCFCU now and for 10 years before I became and employee. You are made to know this credit union cares about you!"

Penny C.

Loan Officer at Alexandria Branch

"I have been a member with Madison County FCU for over 34 years. I came from working at a "BANK" to working at the CU over 22 years ago. The members have become like family to us as. That is not what I experienced while working at the Bank. I wouldn't want my account anywhere else!"

Robin T.

Credit Union Member

"There is nothing that they can't do. From a car loan to a house loan, to best rates. Give them a try today."

Theresa K.

Credit Union Member

"Love this place and the people are super sweet."

Margie D.

Credit Union Member

"Been there ever since I came to Alexandria. Couldn't ask for a better bank or nicer people!!"

David N.

Credit Union Member

"I've banked here for 25 years. A good place that knows my financial needs."

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